About Agritech Goldstar Co., Ltd

– Agritech Goldstar is a manufacturer and distributor of Kubota machines. We have over 10 years of experience in importing and exporting Kubota machines. Our customers are dealers, commercial companies want to have a long-term business relationship.
– Agritech Goldstar is currently exporting Kubota machines:
1. Kubota Tractor: This is the best selling machine in our company.
2. Kubota Combine Harvester: There are always new models every year, service and lifetime warranty.
3. Kubota Rice Transplanter: Helps to grow rice more easily with farmers.
4. Agricultural Trucks: Easy transportation in the fields.
5. Kubota Spare Parts: We have over 15,000 genuine spare parts from Kubota.

Can you buy from us?

Of course, we sell and have maintenance services around the world. Currently our company has offices in Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Thailand.
All our products are manufactured according to Japanese standards.
Website: www.agrigoldstar.com