KUBOTA Tractor L-4018 – Best Seller of 2018

Kubota Tractor L 4018 (Photo 1)

KUBOTA Tractor L-4018 – Best Seller of 2018

Tractor 4018 of Kubota has many competitive advantages compared with other brands.

Firstly, this machine delivers strong power of 40 horsepower to meet workload with direct injection technology, three – cylinder and four – stroke engine, meet all requirements of tough work and get job done efficiency.


Secondly, it has adjustable wheel base from 111.3 cm to 119.7 or 129.3 cm, which is suitable to work in different conditions of lands.

Thirdly, eight forward and eight reverse transmission allow suitable speed to operate agricultural implements with great efficiency and high productivity.

Next, syncho – shuttle directional transmission under steering wheel make gear shift easier and smooth by enabling operator to switch between forward and reverse without stopping the tractor.

A great balance of weight, ground clearance and horpower in order to work fully efficiency in various conditions as working in puddle or crossing high rigdes. Moreover, there is also front weight to counter balance the weight of an implement, enable the tractor to work when front gear blader is not attached.

The three – point hitch for low cost maintenance is also included. Together with a large and sturdy front axle and seeled wheel hub to accommodate high torque and high pressure, keep mud and dust from seeping in, which is suitable for heavy – duty tasks in rice paddy.

Transmission case, clutch housing, rear axle case, and cylinder housing are all made from high – quality steel to withstand high pressure and accommodate demanding works.


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