Kubota Combine Harvester DC-60VN
DC-60 3
DC-60 2
Kubota Combine Harvester DC-60

Kubota Combine Harvester DC-60VN

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Kubota Combine Harvester DC-60VN

Easy to operate – High productivity
Rice machine with high productivity and less loss
Long chamber with large diameter
The chambers are long and large with a size of 1615mm x 620mm in the direction the machine runs.

The dams are large so the capacity of the paddy is high, the rice grain is less damaged
High processing capacity even for wet rice and large rice.
Large dams should be less dense.
The dam was installed in a straight line with the direction of the machine running to limit the width of the machine, so it was impossible to attach the large diameter dams and the poor throughput.
Screening system with 3 airflow

Excellent rice sieve performance with the combination of upper screen net and lower screen net tray with 3 airflow loss less loss and harvested rice seeds clean.
Powerful engines work fast

60 horsepower, 4 cylinder, turbo direct injection engine. (V2403DI-T)
High productivity throughout the rice, so whether the machine runs at high speed still harvest high-yield rice or wet rice.
Maximum speed of 1.8m / sec.
The ability to cut good rice in a variety of conditions
Falling rice

Even if the fall is not lost.
When clogged, it can be treated simply by releasing rice.
Fields flooded

Uses low-pressure rubber grounding type. It is possible to manipulate lightly without damaging the farmland even if it is submerged.
Easy transportation thanks to compact design and light weight

Can operate the machine correctly, continuously for several hours without causing fatigue

The joysticks and clocks are placed in an easy-to-operate position based on the mechanical function of the human body. You can operate the machine in a simple and comfortable way even if you work for a long time.
① Height adjustment need
② Need to drive
③ Need auxiliary switch
④ Need HST number
⑤ Gas station
⑥ We need a clutch
⑦ Need clutch cut

Type automatic transmission HST

Speed ​​can be changed forward or backward without operation.
You can both harvest rice and change the speed of the machine easily according to the status of rice.
It is possible to “adjust the blade high or low” and “rotate left or right” several times only by a multi-function joystick.

Clutches can be controlled or braked without much effort.
The cover is easy to open so maintenance is very simple

With the new type of maintenance mechanism, it is easy to inspect, clean and repair machines.
Time machine stopped short so very little time wasted.
Vacuum Cleaner (not included)

As an element that removes dirt from the inside of the conveyor belt, the dust collector also reduces dust around the operator’s reaper and seat area – this is highly appreciated when the machine is running. in dry field conditions.



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