Photo 5: Kubota Tractor B2140 5
Photo 1: Kubota Tractor B2140
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Kubota Tractor B2140 – specially designed for compact

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Kubota Tractor B2140 – specially designed for compact

Overview Kubota B2140

The Kubota B2140S / B2440S is specially designed for compact, versatile, powerful and versatile farm machinery that is the perfect solution for all your farming needs. water and dry fields, especially sugarcane fields. Delivers optimal work efficiency for a bumper crop

Feature Kubota Tractor B2140

Designed to work between cane rows:
With the width of the B2140S 91.5 cm and the B2440S of 101.5 cm, the Kubota B-series tractors can easily and easily move between the rows of sugar cane, reducing costs, saving time and personnel costs. public.

Rotate the wheel thanks to steering wheel:
The Kubota B2440S is equipped with a power steering wheel for easy turn and control. In addition, with a small turning circle of 2.1m, the Kubota B-series rotary trawls are flexible and easy to operate even in narrow spaces, especially in the field.

Be willing to take on hard and tough work:
The four-wheel drive system (4WD) maximizes the power and grip of the tractor for heavy work. With balanced four-wheel transmission, this reduces wheel slip. Powerful hydraulics allow the tractor to lift farm machinery up to 590 kg.

The gearbox is designed with many levels to work effectively:
Number of different levels: 9 forward and 3 reverse, which allows adjusting tractor speed to suit different types of farm equipment, for different stages of cultivation to bring efficiency and productivity. highest.

Outstanding work quality:
The tractors are equipped with 2 PTO levels of 540 and 980 rpm. Perfectly meet your farming needs. The soil is completely degraded by two different levels of tillage and the spraying effect is increased when combined with the spraying platform, which delivers the high quality of work you desire.

Powerful engine:
The Kubota B-series (21 and 24 hp) is equipped with an indirect, 3-cylinder, 4-stroke Kubota engine with a liquid cooling system providing high torque.

Safety and convenience:
Safety Frames and Belts in Japan:
Improved safety due to the fact that Rops (safety frames) incorporate safety belts, which protect the operator from the dangers of overturning.

Multi-dimensional lighting:
Guaranteed to operate more safely at night with multi-dimensional lights, wider illumination range and brighter than conventional lamps. Help operators to observe clearly and safely.

New design for scissors:
Designed for easy attachment to the trailer quickly without the need for multiple adjustments.

Seat width, comfortable:
Large sitting position makes the operator comfortable, easy to rotate the body, reduce fatigue, so that it can work continuously throughout the day.

Handrails are provided on both sides
(on B2440S tractor): Handrails allow the operator to lift and lower the tractor comfortably and safely, balancing when operating in bad terrain.

Real photo Kubota Tractor B2140

Photo 5: Kubota Tractor B2140 5
Photo 5: Kubota Tractor B2140 5
Photo 4: Kubota Tractor B2140 4
Photo 4: Kubota Tractor B2140 4
Photo 3: Kubota Tractor B2140 3
Photo 3: Kubota Tractor B2140 3
Photo 2: Kubota Tractor B2140 2
Photo 2: Kubota Tractor B2140 2
Photo 1: Kubota Tractor B2140
Photo 1: Kubota Tractor B2140



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