Kubota Tractor M6040(59HP)
Kubota Tractor M6040(59HP)
M6040(59HP) new 3
M6040(59HP) new 2

Kubota Tractor M6040(59HP) Made in Japan for export

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Kubota Tractor M6040(59HP)

1. Quick Details: Kubota Tractor M6040(59HP)

2. Features: Kubota Tractor M6040(59HP)

– Kubota Tractor M6040 Series offers solutions to heavy-duty tasks. Besides that efficient and powerful motor, it provides good mobility with transmission system designed exclusively for KUBOTA tractors.
– Direct injection diesel engine center It comes with a 2,434-cc, boasts 60 horsepower. The power is increased with the turbo system that forces more intake of air into the cylinder to give maximum horsepower at lower fuel Consumption and delivers excellent efficiency.
Main Drive Systems: 8 forward gears and 4 folding gears. Designed to work with a 60-horse power engine, it is Perfect for working in any terrain.
Hydraulic power steering system With a large hydraulic pump, the steering is made easily. The steering wheel Responds well to the operator’s control.
– The four-wheel drive system works in any terrain with rear differential locking wheels, pulling is maximum. It is ideal for hard work including plowing and ground leveling that requires high traction.
– High ground clearance With high ground clearance, the tractor can easily maneuver over ridges, shorelines and uneven surfaces. With wider front and rear tires, stability is enhanced. It gives the operator more confidence when working in rough terrain
– Gear housing gasket It is designed for higher durability and better shock and shock absorption during operation.
Bevel-wheel front axle hub
A distinctive feature of the KUBOTA tractor, it is developed to withstand high torque and provides an unmatched drive system efficiency. Water and dust proof features also make for increased durability and extended use.
Front axle wheel
It is customized for the structure of the Kubota M6040SU tractor. The solid structure is ideal for heavy duty tasks. A Guard Guard is equipped to protect the bar during operation.
Large and comfortable seating chairs are adjustable and conveniently designed to provide the operator with comfort and ease of tension and tension.
Digital control panel
Digital control panel provides clear and easy reading vital vital functions such as meter reading and operating hours. It is equipped with LED night light.
Reflective headlamp
The lights improve the operator’s visibility, increase convenience and safety during operation and travel.
Single-piece hood
The Kubota M6040 tractor has a sleek design. A shock-absorbing system makes it easier to open the hood for periodic maintenance and check-up engines.
Big mud flap
The large size Kubota M6040 tractor ensures better protection of the wheel and keeps mud-splattering.

3. Specifications: Kubota Tractor M6040(59HP)

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