Kubota Tractor M6040SU(59HP)
M6040SU(59HP) new 2
M6040SU(59HP) new 1
Kubota Tractor M6040SU(59HP)

Kubota Tractor M6040SU(59HP)- Multi-Task Utility Tractor Made in Japan

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Kubota Tractor M6040SU(59HP)

1. Quick Details: Kubota Tractor M6040SU(59HP)

For rice fields, dry fields
Introducing the new M6040SU Tractor Series for simple, easy work.
The M product range meets higher new levels of work efficiency.
A multi-purpose field for rice fields and dry fields
All of Kubota’s technologies are converged on tractors for dry land and rice fields. Easy operation brings new airflow in the field work.

2. Features: Kubota Tractor M6040SU(59HP)

Powerful engine but fuel efficient

The new M6040SU uses a powerful but fuel efficient V2403-DI-TE2 engine. The engine is equipped with a four-cylinder, direct fuel injection system with turbocharger that gives the actual engine power of 59HP and the power of the 52HP PTO delivers all the power you need in the range. Low revolutions to force difficult tasks and activities requiring high traction. In addition, the low emissions of the engine, the M6040 will be very good for productivity, profitability and also the environment.

The gearbox uses the accelerator

The M6040SU is equipped with 8-speed and 4-speed manual gearboxes using the accelerator to increase travel efficiency. The gearbox can be controlled easily thanks to the gearbox mid-speed synchronizer (slow level) and backstop to help stop and move more efficiently.

LCD digital clock

A digital LCD panel will help you observe important parameters such as the PTO’s slew rate and the meter information even when the view is obscured. Large-sized needle indicators include engine speed gauges, coolant temperature and fuel level. Battery warning light helps to prevent sudden battery failure.

3-point hook

Type I & II 3-way tweezer can adjust the tether, raise the tread and the tread chain to assemble the follower faster and easier. Maximum lift capacity is 1900kg at the lifting point.

Feature Kubota M6040SU
Feature Kubota M6040SU

3. Specifications: Kubota Tractor M6040SU(59HP)

Specification Kubota Tractor M6040
Specification Kubota Tractor M6040

4. Product Photos Kubota Tractor M6040SU(59HP)

Photo 1: Kubota Tractor M6040SU S
Photo 1: Kubota Tractor M6040SU S
Photo 2: Kubota Tractor M6040SU S  M6040SU
Photo 2: Kubota Tractor M6040SU S M6040SU
Photo 3: Kubota Tractor M6040SU
Photo 3: Kubota Tractor M6040SU

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